The words every client loves to hear:

Return on Investment

Can VSBrooks come up with mind-blowing, award-winning ads? Absolutely.
Do we do our homework and know your customers? Definitely.
But doesn't every agency say the same?
What really preoccupies and intrudes in our minds every day are those three little letters - R.O.I. Before any business can measure ROI, you need to identify the business problems you need to solve. And that's where VSBrooks does their best work - the search for the innovative ideas and plans to create unique marketing approaches to our clients' problems. We apply individualistic, unconventional practical thinking to create solutions that other agencies are likely to overlook because they think in more traditional marketing ways and once you meet us, you'll understand why.

Stuff we do

As you would expect from a multi-disciplinary creative marketing agency, we offer a lot of services. Some you expect. Others you don’t. And some we don’t even know what to call because we make them up on the spot. We warned you we were unconventional, individualistic and insanely practical.

  • We provide moving pictures for TV, Internet, anywhere! Check out
  • Ideas on fire, wherever there are ears and eyes to receive them.
  • You don’t have to understand it. We do.
  • Media is no longer media; it’s communications.
  • Beyond headlines. Breaking barriers. Welcome to the new PR.

Meet your partners.

Talented, obviously. Creative, a given. Experienced, absolutely.
We're nimble, smart, unconventional and non-traditional - just like our personalities. You'll also find fewer layers of "management," giving you more access to the senior people working on your brand.

The Work

We love what happens when you start with a blank piece of paper (or computer screen) and the ideas start to buzz around the room and suddenly one of them just sort of takes over and kicks the other into the corner and the next thing you know you have an ad which turns into a campaign which starts to build a brand which grows a business.

We love it. This is the fun stuff.

Oh, and in our spare time

we're working to stop hunger.

Our partnership with Feeding South Florida goes beyond the usual agency and client relationship. We volunteer on the board. We get our hands dirty sorting and delivering food. We don't wait for a phone call before concepting the next fundraising campaign, because we know the need is constant. We put our effort and passion on the line, and are committed to do as much as we can so fewer people in our community have to wonder where their next meal will come from.